I'm trying to validate certain Opportunity records but exclude that validation on certain profiles. The following is the code I currently have but it's not taking the profile.id in to consideration:

AND(($RecordType.Id = "0122000000006WO"),
OR($User.ProfileId = "00620000003ouWr")),
TEXT(StageName) != "Lead 0%",

Do I have the ($User.ProfileId = "00620000003ouWr") statement in the correct spot for it to exclude validating for this profile Id? Am I doing this correctly?

Thanks for your time in advance!

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if your requirement is to check

  • Stage is NOT Lead 0% AND
  • RecodType is 0122000000006WO AND
  • Profile is NOT 00620000003ouWr AND
  • if Unsolicited Bid is blank

then you can use this

 $RecordType.Id = "0122000000006WO", 
 $Profile.Id != "00620000003ouWr", 
 TEXT(StageName) != "Lead 0%", 
 ISBLANK(TEXT(Unsolicited_Bid__c) ) 

if possible try using RecordType Name and Profile Name instead of Ids so that it becomes easy when you deploy and move this between different environments and its more readable & easy for future maintenance.

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