I need help creating this formula field. I am getting this error: 'Incorrect parameter type for function 'TEXT()'. Expected Number, Date, DateTime, Picklist, received Text (Related field: Formula)'

The field Today__c is a formula field that gets today's day(Monday ..... Friday) and Review_Day_s__c is a multi-pick_list field.


IF(  INCLUDES(Review_Day_s__c, TEXT(Today__c)   )&& Review_Date__c  <  TODAY()  ,'Yes','No')


Incorrect parameter type for function 'INCLUDES()'. Expected Text Literal, received Text


When using the INCLUDES funtion, you have to use literal text. See help docs tip below:

Tips: The text_literal expression must be of type text and enclosed in quotes. It cannot be a merge field or the result of a function. Salesforce returns an error if any of the following occurs: You do not provide a text_literal expression. You provide an empty text_literal expression, such as "" or " ". Use ISBLANK to determine if a multi-select picklist field is empty. Use the PRIORVALUE function inside the INCLUDES function to check if the previous value of a multi-select picklist field included a specific value. For example: INCLUDES( PRIORVALUE(multiselect_picklist_field), text_literal )

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