I am going through Force.com Canvas Developer's Guide and I see the function Sfdc.canvas() used many places but it is not mentioned what it does exactly..Can someone give your input? For example, I see the code and not sure what the Sfdc.canvas() is doing.Thanks.

Sfdc.canvas(function() {        
    var login = Sfdc.canvas.byId("login"),
    loggedIn = Sfdc.canvas.oauth.loggedin(),
    token = Sfdc.canvas.oauth.token()
    login.innerHTML = (loggedIn) ? "Logout" : "Login";
    if (loggedIn) {
    // Only displaying part of the OAuth token for better formatting.
    Sfdc.canvas.byId("oauth").innerHTML = Sfdc.canvas.oauth.token()
    .substring(1,40) + "…";

The function passed to Sfdc.canvas runs when the dom is ready. In this case it:

  • Grabs the element with the id "login"
  • Gets the current oauth state
  • Grabs the current token
  • Sets the "login" element to either say "Login" or "Logout"
  • If it is logged in, it prints the first 40 char of the oauth token
  • It attaches the login handler to the "login" element's onClick

Long story short, it is a convenience method for onready.

Source: A comment in this example, near line 31

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