I am facing issue parsing JSON String on the front-end. The parameter result represents a String

function handleresult (result,event){
var newResult  = JSON.stringify(result);
var temp = JSON.parse(newResult);

So now the temp variable contains a JSON object which looks like this with escape quotes and ampersand characters, {& quot ;message& quot;:& quot;Cannot find entity by key: 'A0000002'.",& quot;errorCode& quot;:& quot;53610040& quot;}.

But what i want is something like this so that i can parse the key/value pair inside the JSON: {"message":"Cannot find entity by key: 'A0000002'.","errorCode":"53610040"}.

I have tried using the JSON.replace(/& quote ;/g,'"') method, but it does not replace the " character.

Please if someone can tell me what can i do to fix this problem?

Note : There is "/& quot ; " which i want to replace

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Don't call JSON.stringify() - it expects a JSON object, not a result string. Just call JSON.parse() Like so:

function handleresult (result,event){
var newResult  = JSON.parse(result);

Docs are here

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