I have 2 questions here.

  1. I have Person Account in salesforce, so if via API if I create a contact , it just creates a contact and not an account, on the other hand If I create an account in salesforce it creates the contact automatically.. is it possible that if i create contact, it creates account as well (maybe some settings in salesforce for admin)?
  2. This page explains how to create account in salesforce., but in the docs it is taking only one argument, where as the contact creates lot of arguments like email, fname, lname, how can I find all arguments for the Account creation?

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It appears that there are possibly two ways to do this:

  1. Supply a RecordTypeID for a Person Account. See this answer on a similar question
  2. Supply a LastName field, which is a required field for a Person (Contact) but not an Account. See Inserting Person Account Records Via API

To your second question, using the API you can list all fields a couple different ways:

  1. List just the fields and their types: /vXX.X/sobjects/Account/
  2. List all fields and a lot of data about them (writeable, length, etc): /vXX.X/sobjects/Account/describe/

You can also see all of the field names by looking at the developer docs. Here is the one for Account.


Some notes on creating Person Accounts via the API:

  • Note you can NOT specify Name for a Person Account, instead you specify FirstName and LastName.
  • You MUST specify RecordTypeID for a Person Account, if LastName is blank.

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