I am very new with VWF's and do not have any coding knowledge. I am trying to create a flow where my users can lookup a contact, view the existing information, and then update any changed information (such as last name, etc.) So far the flow has the following steps:

  1. Screen: Input Participant ID (an identifier we use for our patients to look up records)
  2. Record Lookup:Contact based on Participant ID
  3. Screen: Display existing Contact field values
  4. Record Update: Update any changed values

The issue that I have is around choices / picklists. Although I can get a new choice value to be saved to the Contact record upon update at step 4, I cannot get it to display properly at step 3.

For example, I have a field for Race/Ethnicity and have choices that correspond to the picklist values for that field in my database. However, no matter what the actual race is of our patients, it always shows up as "African-American" on the display screen (which also happens to be the first choice option), even if on her record it says "Asian".

The 'stored value' for my choices are the exact match of the 'label', which exactly matches the picklist values. In the Record Lookup, I have the field connected to the Race variable I created. I must be overlooking something here - can anyone help?

Record Lookup Settings:

enter image description here

Display Screen Settings:

enter image description here

Display Screen (The race should read "Asian-American"):

enter image description here

Cheers, Lauren


You may need to store values for your choices. First, go to your field and under Choice Settings, click the pencil to edit the choice:


Once opened, set the Stored Value to the actual value you want (Example: The Stored Value for {!Race_Asian_American} would be Asian-American). As you can see in the image below, the stored value for my choice {!Issue} is Issue. choice2

I hope this helps!

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