I want to use Blob.toPDF() method to create attachment body, currently using:

attachmentPDF.Name = account.Name + '.pdf';
 attachmentPDF.body = Blob.toPDF(pdfContent);`

Inside pdfContent I want to incorporate image and some text in this way pdfContent=EncodingUtil.base64Decode(call.Signature__c) and some text fileds too pdfContent=pdfContent+ call.Account__c. Please suggest some technical solutions using the Blob.toPDF() method

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Blob.toPDF() should work with a simple HTML input string. So you might do something like the following (untested):

<html><body><img src="" /><p>Additional Content</body></html>

Please be aware, that Blob.toPDF() has always been very buggy in the interpretaion of the HTML, that you may throw on it. But i don't know if that does hold true for API 31.

  • Hi Alexander, i've tried this out, throwing me some error 'Review all error messages below to correct your data. An error occurred while parsing the input string.' please suggest. I've used pdfContent= pdfContent + FORM_HTML_START ; pdfContent ='<img src=\"\"/>'; pdfContent= pdfContent+FORM_HTML_END ; Aug 12, 2014 at 12:19

Now that time has passed a bit...

I'm trying to use a trigger generate a custom PDF and attach it to an email. Since PageReference.getContent() is not trigger-friendly, I'm using blob.toPDF(). It's working perfectly - except for choking on the image I'd like to include.

So...any more thoughts on the topic?


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