How Can I send Monthly Lead Status report to individual lead owner through Email as an attachment ?

Individual user should get notified with all open Leads. Email attachment should only consist Leads details owned by Recepient.

Can we do it using SF out of the box functionalities ?


Seems like out of the box you cannot get the reports as attachment (they get embedded in the email.) You might want to have a look at the answer on this question: Scheduled reports as attachment

More info reg. scheduling reports @ https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gycFAAQ


if you have couple of lead owners then you can do this using SF out of the box functionality.

Go to report detail view > On "Run Report" button there is drop down button click on that and click 'Schedule Future Runs'

Select Run as user & schedule and you are all set.

Repeat above steps for all lead owners.

If you have too many lead owner then you will have to write code and then send email using Apex.

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