I'm having a bit of a problem configuring the subject picklist for the "log a call" publisher action.

I have made some changes to the subject pick-list under

Setup>Customise>Task Fields>

This is a change in the order (to "Phone Call","Regular Visit", etc.) and updating "Call" to "Phone Call".

In Salesforce1 this update is apparent when I "log a call" from my contacts: Contact works

When I attempt to "log a call" from an account the list has not been updated:

Account Not Working

Can anyone tell me where I can resolve this - I can't see where to deal with the different appearances.

Thanks in advance!

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Looks like the account page layout was using the standard "Mobile smart actions" Log a call.

When I removed that and selected Log a Call individually from the publisher actions, it married up with the contact one in respect of layout and customisation.

Ironically I received an email from Salesforce referring to the "Mobile smart action upgrade to publisher actions" this morning (a week too late for me!).

Part of this entailed:

• If you wish to take advantage of publisher actions you will need to complete the necessary steps to customize or create desired actions. For example, you can use the same individual actions for Create Task, New Event, New Note, and Log-a-Call, that you may have used as part of the mobile smart actions collection. We encourage you to use individual actions, as they offer the advantage of customizing layouts to present users with only the most relevant fields. For a detailed guide to working with publisher actions, please reference this admin guide: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.salesforce1admin.meta/salesforce1admin/actions_creating.htm (Available in English only).

This points to the answer to my question - selecting the publisher actions individually.

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