Hi I have create the Visualforce email template and i have attach the pdf file,in that pdf file name has been Certificate .pdf, but the file name a particular parent name Eg: Mecca Bingo it will show email out upon the pdf file name merging the Four filed name.

I have create the IF statement in email template but it has been show the error.

<messaging:attachment filename="{!relatedTo.Site__r.AM_UPRN__c}-

this is my merged file name but i have tried for if statement

<messaging:attachment filename="{!If(relatedTo.Site__r.Name='Mecca Bingo',
relatedTo.Site__r.AM_UPRN__c,'Certificate.pdf')}" renderAs="pdf"> 

It was working nice but i need check the second one merged fields check the if statement i have tried it was occure the error


But I need to check in this format to IF statement

<messaging:attachment filename="{!If(relatedTo.Site__r.Name='Mecca Bingo',
{!relatedTo.Date__c}),'Certificate.pdf')}" renderAs="pdf">

Please anyone kow let me know...

Thanks in advance :)

  • Unless you use the {} button (or manually indent by 4 spaces) characters like < and > are not escaped so Visualforce markup renders badly. Best to use {} on all Apex and Visualforce - I've don it for you. – Keith C Aug 5 '14 at 9:59

Try this:

<messaging:attachment filename="{!If(relatedTo.Site__r.Name='Mecca Bingo',
relatedTo.Date__c),'Certificate.pdf')}" renderAs="pdf">
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  • Hi.. thanks for ur answer and Replay. i have done the IF Statement. in this format. Thanks for ur Priceless Post.. :) – Parthipan Francis Aug 6 '14 at 11:07

The "Visualforce Function" docs provide examples for their functions. Check out the IF and CASE functions.


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