My live agent is working fine.

  1. But i want to add captcta in live agent pre chat form. But i am not using controller for live agent, so is it possible ?

Any suggestions please ?

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No this is not possible. One of my friend had similar requirement, he logged a case with support and were came to know tht its not feasible.

  • Is this still the situtation in 2017? I am using a controller to return a recordTypeId. <input type="hidden" name="liveagent.prechat:CaseRecordTypeId" value="{!InboundRecordTypeId}" /> However, I still need to retrieve the exact Opportunity (provided by client using addCustomDetail(Id) and then route the chat to the correct skill based on the opportunity's type/name/subject Jul 19, 2017 at 15:41

You can get idea from this article (https://iwritecrappycode.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/salesforce-live-agent-review-customization/) I mean that you can try to create VF page with form where submit button will not submit form but will execute some javascript code within which you can use @RemoteActions to contact with appropriate controller. After all javascript logic form will be submitted by executing document.forms["yourFormName"].submit(); command.

Hope this helps.

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