I want to implement an process when customer recieves a notification on new case comment, he can reply to the email and a new case comment will be created (this can be done instead / in addition of log in to the Self-service portal and submit a new comment).

I know that SF support is doing this also, see below the screenshot of "To" when I'm replying to a new comment


Did someone implemented something similar?

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Standard Email2Case should let you do this.

From reading, adding [{!Case.Thread_Id}] to the Subject line should let you thread responses under the same case.


  • thanks @techtrekker. The only piece missing is replying (I need some kind of a forwarder), is it possible that contact will reply directly to SF? (similar to the screenshot above)
    – Itay B
    Commented Mar 17, 2013 at 16:54

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