I guess what I'm trying to do is impossible but I want to get your expert opinion before giving up. I've searched for an answer but found nothing.

Here's what I have: I have created a Canvas App called by a Visual Force page. In the Canvas App, I display a list of leads. For the moment this is a list of HTML tags that redirects to https:/[instance].salesforce.com?id=[id] which works great when accessing the Canvas App from the Desktop version of Salesforce.

Here's what I would like: when the user is accessing the Canvas App from within Salesforce1, instead of redirecting the user to https:/[instance].salesforce.com?id=[id] (which is not user friendly at all since it redirects to the non-responsive salesforce desktop version) I'd like to redirect the user to the Salesforce1 App specific Lead page (which is user-friendly for mobiles but not an HTML page anymore I guess).

Is there any way I can do that using the JS SDK for instance ?

Any suggestion would help me in my quest.

Thanks in advance.




The question dates one year earlier but it is worth giving the answer for future developers, to redirect to the parent container just use:

top.location = 'your location';

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