I'm currently developing an hybrid app and I'm facing the following problem:

  • On startup i need to load ALL the records from the cache (a soup). to do so I call fetch() on the Collection with the following query.

    {type:"cache", cacheQuery:{queryType:"smart", smartSql:"SELECT {tasks:_soup} FROM {tasks}", pageSize:100}}

Which retrieves up to 100 objects. Unfortunately I have more than 100 objects to load and if I increase the pagesize the query returns an error so I'm asking... Is there any way I can load more than pageSize record into the collection ( i need them all) .

TY in advance.



pageSize is actually an optional attribute so if you do not specify it, you should be getting everything at once. Also, you can use hasMore() and getMore() to check and retrieve subsequent records by keeping the existing page size value. The default pageSize value is 10

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