I created my packages with all the information eg, fields, screens, RecordTypes and all profiles system. I did deploy "Sandbox1" to "Sandbox2" usually before Summer14. In this Monday, my sandbox is to Summer14 version, created in the same package "Sandbox2" to "Sandbox3" and got the error:

API Name Type Line Column Error Message Admin Profile Settings 0 0 You may not modify the permission Reserved for Future Use while editing the Standard Profile

Deployment Error

After this, I cloned the package and removed the Administrator profile, I deploy again and was deployed successfully. But, after that I had to enter the Administrator profile in Sandbox3 and enable the field level security and RecordTypes for this profile.

Has anyone seen this error before?

Before the release Summer14, I never see this error before.

Deploy Success

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I ran into the same issue and after doing a DIFF of the source and target profiles I can see there is a userPermission named ManageUnlistedGroups in the source that is not in the target. Seems odd since both are Summer '14 (v31) but sometimes different feature activation between environments can cause it. In my case I removed that permission from the source profile, redeployed and no more error. BTW, using ant and not changesets so i can modify the profile file once retrieved.


I found this over at the Salesforce Developer site https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=906F0000000AYLCIA4

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