i have a 2 User lookup fields on the Case Object. One is the Standard Owner field and the other is a custom lookup field to Users.

In the Reportbuilder you can choose "my cases". And what i want is to build one report with the criteria show me all cases where my name is in the custom lookup field. I dont want to build for every User one single Report.

Is there a smarter way to achieve this?

thanks in advance.

BR Tarek


Follow Steve Molis' answer here ( https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gp92AAA )

To reiterate for completeness:

Create a custom formula field on the object.
Datatype: Formula(Number,0) Formula: IF(Custom_Lookup_Field__c = $User.Id , 1 , 0)

Then, in your report just filter on that new formula field.

Do note, you'll have to send him one of these:

A Beer

  • sounds like a good solution but did this work when i have that report as a component in a dashboard?
    – Tarek
    Jul 23 '14 at 15:54
  • good name for the formula field would be is Case referenced to running user?
    – cropredy
    Jul 23 '14 at 16:57

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