In Account for Recordtype Company i have to give two different names for a test class on account trigger? How to do that ?

Account accobj = new Account();
accObj.RecordType.Name = 'SomeName';
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    How/what are you running here? and are you receiving any specific error message? – Simon Lawrence Jul 23 '14 at 12:17

you have to query the RecordType using the developer/api name and assign the id of the record type to the records RecordTypeId field..

RecordType rt = [Select Id from RecordType where DeveloperName = 'YourRecordTypeName'];
Account accobj = new Account();
accObj.RecordTypeId = rt.Id;

there should be some previous answers which can give you more details..

here's one i found : Creating a new record with giving record type

 Account accobj = new Account();
 accObj.RecordTypeId = 'Id of SomeName';

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