I've just created a Developer Edition to test out some profile and permission set related functionality and when trying to save my Apex class I'm getting the following error:

Error: Compile Error: Invalid field PermissionsApiUserOnly for SObject PermissionSet

After taking a look in Workbench the PermissionsApiUserOnly field does not exist on the Profile or PermissionSet objects in my Developer Edition, however if I look at the Profile and PermissionSet objects for our Production organization it does exist.

At first I thought it was an optional feature that we'd turned on in our Production organization, but after a quick search I can't find any documentation to support this theory.

Why is the ApiUserOnly permission not available in my Developer Edition, and is it possible to make this permission available?

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This option is not available for the Developer Org as it makes no sense as we do not use the Developer Org for the purpose of Deployment (Production).Its a org provided by Salesforce just to practice the features efficiently. Hope the answer helped you.

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