I added a refernce of ParenerAPI in my projects. and calling SoapClient by passing its user name and password.

But I am getting an error " Request was made to the incorrect endpoint."

Is there any token I would have to pass.


You need to check what location your MC instance is on. Find this in the URL mc.[ ].ExactTarget.com

Use the matching endpoint connection your development environment:

S1 Instance


S4 Instance


S6 Instance


S7 Instance


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  • @Robin - Did this answer your question? – Kelly J Andrews Jul 23 '14 at 13:28

I believe the endpoints have changed. I can't post more than two links, but I had to use https://webservice.s6.exacttarget.com/etframework.wsdl on an s6 instance. If any of the endpoints in Kelly J Andrews' answer don't work, try changing the Service.asmx to etframework.wsdl

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