I opened today the Informatica Data Loader (Free) tab, and wanted to sync some data. But then I got this message:

You have an older version of the Informatica Data Loader Service managed application. Please re-install the managed package from Salesforce AppExchange.


So what I did I clicked on the link, which leads me to the AppExchange. I uninstalled the actual version and installed the one from the AppExchange, but it was the same one and I get the same error message. Same if I just try to update it. The only version is 3.6, I can't do an update to something higher as the tab suggests.

Any ideas from you? Is anyone else encountering this problem?

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This was a Salesforce bug that has been fixed. Everything is fine now. Details here:



Have you contacted the App. developer? Informatic? They should be able to provide some insight, and if so, hopefully a work-around.

It sounds like they have failed to maintain their AppExchange listing with the package uploads in their packaging org, which may or may not be publicly listed.

  • Good point! I wanted to use social media instead of email, but couldn't find an Informatica facebook page. But now I sent them an email anyways, and I will post the answer here when I receive one. Nov 16, 2012 at 12:03

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