I have a question before using apex to accomplish this. On the Event page layout I'm using a couple of custom fields; Location_Country__c and Location__c. These fields have a field dependency, controlling field is Location_Country__c and dependent field is Location__c.

I was trying to write a formula that will set a value on the controlling field Location_Country__c based on the country of the "Assigned to:" user.

I tried several things but can't get it to work, is this something possible or should I just look into an Apex trigger to do this?


Unfortunately I believe you have to use apex to do that, as workflow does not allow us to calculate new value based on any formula in picklist.

There is actually idea for that:


  • Thanks Artur, I saw that idea a few minutes ago but wanted to be sure that I couldn't do this using declarative tools before jumping to Apex. Jul 17 '14 at 8:55

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