I have two Object, Current Relationship is Look Up I am trying change it to M-D. In change Field Type the field itself is "Grayed Out" with this Info.

My Intial requirement was Master-Detail because of Data First I Created Look-Up so That i Can change it to M-D

I have Double Checked it "All Child Record Have a Parent Value In Look-Up Relation" and there is only one M-D relation with another Object.

I can able to do it In Sandbox Even I tried to move the field with Change Set It is Not Validating Error is enter image description here enter image description here

  • I have seen this has been reported somewhere else also. If you are much sure that you are in the limits, better contact salesforce to check the limits by them.
    – highfive
    Jul 16, 2014 at 5:36

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According to the docs:


You can have up to three custom detail levels.

so it looks like you have exceeded that limit.

I have some orgs that required more levels of master detail relationship - to workaround the limit I use Anthony Victorio's roll up summary utility that replicates the functionality in Apex:


You can start hitting other limits once you get past 10 or so fields that use this utility - I've had to break some functionality out into @future methods in a couple of cases.


The reason I am getting above Error Was I had Exceeded Number of Relationship i.e (Parent-Child-Grand Child-Great Grand Child)

The limit itself is 5 [If I am Correct Even In SOQL there is a limit For Child-To-Parent Query which is 5]

Even Salesforce Support Guys Also Told the Same Thing In the Case, there is no way of Increasing the Limit.

Again I have Written A Look-Up On Roll Up trigger On My Last Child Object to get Things done From There It's Normal Roll-Up Summary Field I've Used.

Even there is A Idea to Increase the Limit Which was shown by Support Guys, The Link for Idea I don't have now ,Tomorrow I will update the Link Here

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