I have a VisualForce page that I would like to open in a new tab via Javascript.

javascript (in VF page, called onClick)

function myFunction(){

Apex controller

public String getUrl(){
    return Page.MyPage.getUrl();

The URL that gets generated is the standard SF url /apex/mypage, but for the communities user it needs to be myCommunity/mypage.

Is there anyway to get the correct Url WITHOUT hardcoding the communities prefix in my code?

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I stumbled across the same issue a couple of days ago. This is how I resolved it...

In my case it was a button (could be a link as well), I've added onclick javascript event to call a javascript function:

<input type="button" value="Proceed" onclick="redirectToMyPageJS();" />

Then I wrote my JS function which gets the community name from the URL:

    function redirectToMyPageJS()
        // It's always the 3rd element in the list which is the community name when accessed from the communities site

and calls my action function passing the community name as a parameter:

<apex:actionFunction action="{!redirectToMyPage}" name="redirectToMyPage" >
    <apex:param value="" name="portalName" />

Then finally in my APEX method I have:

public pageReference redirectToMyPage()
    return new PageReference('/' + Apexpages.currentPage().getParameters().get('portalName') + '/MyOtherPage');
  • bit more hacking than I would like but at there no hardcoding of the portal name
    – NSjonas
    Jul 17, 2014 at 19:59
  • I assume there would be an idea on ideaexchange but this is an absolute must feature for Apex. For now we have to live with this hack :) Jul 18, 2014 at 8:19

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