I have the following issue since using the latest version of Force.com IDE ( in our Summer'14 sandbox:

In the force.com IDE my code shows as follows:

String test = 'Zuständigkeit';

I save this code from the Force.com IDE into my Saleforce org. But in the org the above shown code shows as follows:

String test = 'Zust�ndigkeit';

It seems that I have an issue with character sets (UTF-8)...

Is this a bug or what do I need to configure so that the characters are saved properly?

Thanks. Michael

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Yes, I have seen that happen as well. For me, it's a bug. But Salesforce's support for the Force.com IDE is not 100%. They released it, some years ago, then abandoned it to the community, and these days they are releasing new versions. So I don't know if it's any use to file a case with Salesforce support.

For your information, I just use the Force.com IDE for downloading code and searching, because each Save action results in a deployment, with all unit tests being run, which takes way too long. Other editors that keep files on your own computer have the same problem.

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