We have guys on our end trying to configure Push Notifications & they’ve asked me to reach out for an answer on the below:


The 'App Center' at code.exacttarget.com has been down all week and is blocking me from progress with the ExactTarget integration.

Another issue is that the bundle ids in the 'App Center' have a forced prefix of 'au.com.'. We can't change the bundle id from it's current prefix of com. as it would cause a duplicate of the application to exist on the Google Play Store. You will need to converse with your representative at ET to fix this.

Any idea or solutions i can go back to them with?


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The bundle ids in the ExactTarget configuration do not need to match your application package name. As long as your app is using the app_id and access_token created in AppCenter in the call to the readyAimFire() method, they will link up just fine.

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