No idea why I'm getting this error and it's avoiding me from saving my visualforce page in which all of my inputs are wrapped within the apex:Form Tag. TabIndex(s) are supported by salesforce as explained in this doc: Setting the Tab Order for Fields in a form

The tabIndex attribute can be set on the following Visualforce components:


Any suggestions?

Salesforce Browser Error: Inline Browser Edit

Eclipse error: Salesforce Visualforce Page tabIndex Error

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That is interesting that the doc says that.... because if you look at the API for the apex:inputField you see it isn't in there:


It's even more interesting that is what they use for all the samples. I tried it myself and it doesn't work. I would assume that it's not supported on apex:inputField though since it's not mentioned in that link I posted.

EDIT: It is specifically mentioned on the other tags but not apex:inputField.



  • Yeah, ended up using a mix of tabIndex for inputTextFields, inputCheckbox, and then using tabOrderHint for inputField. Weird thing though is that tabOrderHint is the specific number I mentioned, but tabIndex always had a multiple of 10... so if i had set it to 4 it was 40
    – Double A
    Commented Jul 8, 2014 at 13:23

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