I have searched the web with no success of finding a solution for this yet. How can I report on an objects records to find which ones have notes and attachments?

  • How many attachments do you have in your org ? – Mohith Shrivastava Jul 5 '14 at 16:29
  • does it matter? it could be 100's or 1,000's I'm not sure. – Bart Jul 5 '14 at 16:33
  • ok i have a solution provided your attachment count is less than 50K . – Mohith Shrivastava Jul 5 '14 at 16:36
Select parent.type, count(id) from note group by parent.type

You can execute this from the developer console, workbench, data loader, a Visualforce page, etc.


If your attachment count is less than 50K then the following should help

List<Attachment> lst=[Select Id,ParentId,Parent.Type from Attachment ];
Set<String> setObj=new Set<String>();
for(Attachment att:lst){
system.debug('OBJECT SET'+setObj);

If its more than 50k then i would use query more and generate same or use a VF in read only mode and run the same program .Or probably use OFFSET to keep building this set .

Probably we need same type of query on Notes as well to generate our object SET .

  • should I build a page and use that code in it? Can you give an example/illustration of how it would work? – Bart Jul 5 '14 at 20:47
  • You can use a VF and Pass the SET in a list as Getter and Setter.The log would give you all objects that has notes and attachment anyways – Mohith Shrivastava Jul 6 '14 at 12:17

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