I want to dynamically filter a dashboard to see only records with a field on a specific date. The documentation doesn't explain how to write a date as a url parameter.

I keep getting the same error "This filter URL is invalid. Please try again". enter image description here

This is the field i'm trying to filter "Employee Date Unique" which has 2 different dates 14/1/2024 and 14/5/2024. enter image description here

the filter is setted as the following "Employee Date Unique equals 14/5/2024" And is the only filter at the moment

enter image description here

I've tried different formats, like:







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Tested this out myself on a dashboard.

Mine worked with this:


I must also point out that in the filter on the dashboard you are using a date in may (14/5/2024), while in the params you sent you are using January (14/1/2024). If the date isn't in the filter it won't work unfortunately.

So if those are the only 2 dates you want just add 14/1/2024 as another filter value and it should work with url I wrote :)

  • This helped me to understand what happened. I thougth I could be able to filter with any date I put on the URL. But the date must be firstly setted as a dashboard filter. By writing the date 14/1/2024 the problem is solved. Thank you! Commented May 15 at 13:45

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