I've designed a screen flow where the end user can select multiple values from a picklist. Consequently, I have created a Picklist choice set to capture this data and utilize the selected values to retrieve all corresponding records.

For instance, one of the fields is "Country" with a picklist datatype. Let's say the user opts for two countries, such as USA and Canada. I am getting these two values in a picklist choice set resource. Then, I'm employing this choice set within the "Get Records" element, utilizing the "contains" condition against the actual field.

During debugging, when a single country is selected, all records are successfully retrieved. However, if two countries are selected, the flow fails to locate records.

What could be the oversight here? Would employing a collection variable and iterating through them be necessary? There are a total of 10 fields similar to this one that need to be integrated into the flow. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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From my experience you will have to add the choices into a collection variable in order to utilize the "contains" operator in a "Get Records" element.

I had input in the form of ["Choice 1"; "Choice 2";] where I had to strip the square brackets first and then add each choice into a text collection variable. It was quite painful, but I got the end result.

You might be able to use a bunch of decision elements to check what was selected and then add the value to the text collection variable, but that in a sense is "hard coding" and is not scalable.

You can also use Apex in an Invocable Action to create the collection variable for you.

Multi-select picklists are great for capturing data in screen flows, but can be really painful when used in a data extraction process and that is why I use them with caution.

Good luck!

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