I'm an SFMC Expert and i'm facing a use case that I never encountered. I'm constructing a multiple business unit organization, and my contacts, dedicated to a business unit due to a business rules on their prefered store, can change business unit.

If a contact enter in a Journey, and change from a business unit to another during the journey, what's happening ?

The contact will still in the journey ? The contact will be out of the journey ?

Thanks by advance for your feedback !


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Firstly: How do you define a relationship between a contact and a business unit?

Contacts are global to your environment (i.e. you can't delete them from a single BU), so once a contact is in your journey, it will continue until the end - unless actively removed e.g. using this API or appropriate exit criteria.

You could consider using Subscriber Filters, but these will only work for emails.

  • Thanks for your answer Lukas. My relationship is base on a business rule. We receive all the WordlWide data into the parent business unit and we dispatch these data into the child BU depending the contact zone. Regards,
    – arouillard
    Apr 17 at 11:40

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