I know nothing about SF. I want to get content - preferably as .csv - or a report that someone created for me. I do not have SF account. I have access to an integration account that I managed to connect to Power Automate. I am able to use PowerAutomate to list reports. I do not know if there are any PA actions that can be used to get the content of a report.

I hope that SOQL or SOSL could do the job. I search the internet and trid

SELECT Id FROM Report USING SCOPE allPrivate WHERE OwnerId = ‘ID: ’00OSe000000fZLBMA2’

but it did not work. PowerAutomate complained

[{"message":"No search term found. The search term must be enclosed in braces.",

So before I dive deep into this I have a question if SOQL or SOSL could be used to get the content of a SalesForce report.



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