We have two sfmc orgs (Org A and Org B) on same stack, and we are looking to merge them. Can we also migrate Org A's dedicated IP to Org B and reuse it? Would there be any operational impacts of IP migration? We plan on reusing Org A's Sender Authentication Package/Private Domain

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If both your orgs are residing on the same stack, moving the dedicated IP from A to B should not be a problem. You are not writing whether you plan on reusing your Sender Authentication Package/Private Domain from A to B, or whether this will just be a question of moving the IP.

If you plan on moving everything over (assuming your IP from org A is sufficiently warm), then nothing will be impacting your sender reputation. If you only move the IP and not the domains (i.e. you will be sending on org B from domains originally on Org B, using the combination of IP adresses from A and B) you might want to keep an eye on your performance first few weeks. I would recommend gradually introducing this migrated IP into your regular email sends over the course of these few weeks, avoiding the risk of it affecting your sender reputation.

  • Thanks! We will be migrating SAP as well. If we have active emails being sent to customer from Org A, would there be any impact on delivery during the migration? Apr 8 at 18:08
  • @SarahCapps you might want to confirm this with Salesforce support, but I would not expect you to be able to use one SAP on both the old and the new environment in the transition period. Apr 9 at 10:03

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