Can some one please let me know how to obtain the following information for a user programmatically or via API: :

  1. Token
  2. Client_Id
  3. Client_Secret

We need to do this through a secure connection. Does Salesforce provide SSL via the main domain.

  • programmatically from where ? Including more details, such as what you've already tried or what resources (documentation) you've already consulted usually leads to better answers. We do expect you've looked into this yourself already. – Samuel De Rycke Jul 1 '14 at 13:59

Token, ClientId and ClientId lead to the assumption that you are referring to a connected app.

ClientId and Secret cant be retrieved programmatically. They must rather be stored locally in a configuration element such as custom setting or variable and be passed as part of the OAuth flow, which is described in great detail here:


which will give you the access token and refresh token.

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