I have a doubt regarding Salesforce Sharing mechanism. First Let's understand the configuration for my org

  • OWD for Account and Contact is private.
  • No Custom object in the org.
  • Two users (User A and User B) with no role having profile with minimum access(Read, Create, Edit) only on Account, Contact and Opportunity.
  • No Sharing rule on on any object.
  • No Apex Sharing
  • No Manager Sharing
  • No Territory Setup

Question : User A created an Account and manually shared it with User B keeping Account Access as Read Only.

User B had used that account to create a new Related Contact.

Problem starts here, In My Org, Contact's OWD is private and there is no role setup for any of the user. How User A is able to view and even edit that Contact's record that is owned by User B ?

Is there any new update came on Contact Sharing that will give the Account owner editable access on all related contact records even if OWD is private.

  • Are you talking about internal or external users (the latter with digital experience/community)?
    – Phil W
    Commented Mar 30 at 22:49
  • Yes, Internal users. Commented Mar 31 at 8:22

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After raising a Salesforce support ticekt, This is working as expected. Account owner will have access(Read, Edit) to all the unowned contacts on that account even if the OWD for Contact is private.

To truly make Contacts Private

  1. either do not link the contact with the Account
  2. or assign a role to the account's owner where contact access for that role should be "Users in this role cannot access contacts that they do not own that are associated with accounts that they do own".

Hope it helps.

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