If you are using Sales Cloud for Slack integration, your Account (or Opportunity) object gets a new button called Link a Sales Channel

Clicking the button offers the option to create a new Slack channel or link to an existing one.

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If you choose An existing Slack channel:

  • You only see the oldest Slack channels in your Slack workspace. (In our case, #dungeonsAndDragons, #starTrek, #coffee, #commuting and their ilk)
  • You don't see any new Slack channels, including public ones you created 5 minutes ago

How can you find from Salesforce the complete set of public Slack channels so you can create a link between your SFDC record and the Slack channel?

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The short answer is (as of Spring 24), you can't -- but there is a workaround

There's a Known Issue that says:

'Link a sales channel' GA feature can only guarantee to list 200 slack channels for an existing workspace.

The maximum allowed limit for the number of channels to be visible is 1000 channels.

If there are archived channels within the first 1000 channels, it will only show the ones the user has created or the ones that are public.

In practice, since our Slack Workspace has been around for 8+ years, we have created and archived a lot of channels. Hence, per the KI, we're only seeing the oldest non-archived public channels out of what I imagine are the oldest 1000 channels (speculation)


  • Go to Slack, specifically the Sales Cloud for Slack app (labeled Sales)

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  • Select the app's Home page sub-tab and click Create a Sales Channel.
    enter image description here
  • The dialog will allow you to choose any Slack channel (unless it has external members - not supported) and link to an Account or Opportunity

If this affects you, go to the KI and note that you report the same issue.

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