This is not a question about the general feasibility of a single aspect of my question. I know that and how they work. I am interested in real-world experience from AppExchange Partners on how to allow Subscriber Org Admins to extend part of the logic and UI of a Managed Package app using Headless and Screen Flows. In a safe and clean way. Maintainable, testable and extendable.

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I am interested in hearing and collecting wisdom about what looked promising but didn't work and what was surprisingly successful in ISV reality.

Here are a few thoughts and assumptions that I have:

  1. Is it beneficial to break down monolithic app code and expose parts as Invocables?
  2. Should such methods use packaged Custom Objects or Apex Types as Input/Output?
  3. Is there a way to prevent exposing global Apex types?
  4. When does extracting code logic as overridable Flows make sense?
  5. Should packaged Flows be Templates or marked as Overridable?
  6. Should customizable UI elements be Flow Screens or should LWCs embed Flow Screens?
  7. Should CMDT types be used to define Flow overrides or directly queried via Tooling A PI?
  8. How do such flow-code parts affect app performance and maintainability?
  9. What else is relevant or less relevant than most people think?
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    I really, really don't get the close votes on this question. What is the issue with a deeply thought, well-grounded question where people clearly need more answers? What could ever motivate somebody to shut down somebody to ask a bit broader, less technical, yes/no questions? In my opinion, it must be a wrong understanding of power, a misuse of voting ability and a clear interest to harm to sharing of knowledge. Thos who close vote please come out and tell me where else I should ask for such a dialog? Commented Mar 27 at 16:36


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