Need help for the below entry condition in the flow as my entry condition is not matching with the expectation.

Object: Case Comment

Condition for Entry:

  1. Case Comment parent record type should be any of from - ABC or DEF
  2. AND - IsPublished = true
  3. Owner Profile Should not be equal to - AABCGH

Above all condition should be in AND.

tried below approach:

AND(OR({!$Record.Parent.RecordType.DeveloperName}  = 'ABC',{!$Record.Parent.RecordType.DeveloperName}  = 'DEF')&&{!$Record.IsPublished = true}{!$Record.Parent.Owner:User.Profile.Name}<>'AABCGH')`

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You should put in double = to evaluate the RecordType Name. There was also a syntax error where you forgot the comma.

There is a button Check Syntax that you can press that checks your formula and shows any error messages that can help you correct any mistakes in your formula.

enter image description here

    {!$Record.Parent.Owner: User.Profile.Name}<>'AABCGH'
  • Hi Getting syntax error :- Error: Syntax error. Missing ')' tried multiple places closing the bracket
    – Shekher
    Commented Mar 25 at 7:52
  • @Shekher remember to remove all the spaces from the formula when you copy/paste it from here Commented Mar 25 at 8:15

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