Is it possible to modify how the locations on the right are displayed? And if so - how? I can control the title but below it, it will always display either latitude and longitude or the address. It would be nice to show other information there as well.

lightning map with location list

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The lightning-map doesn't support this feature, but you could always hide the location details list view using list-view="hidden" and use a custom component to show any details you want to show.

[lightning-map][1] takes an array of map-markers, you can add value to know which marker is selected. You have onmarkerselect={handleMarkerSelect} selected-marker-value={selectedMarkerValue}

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    As good and I guess unsurprising as it gets. I wonder how other people solve this as I couldn't even find a similar question for this issue. Thanks for the feedback!
    – Semmel
    Commented Mar 1 at 17:37

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