I am trying to create a flow that will update the name field of a custom dsf_gym__c object to a combination of 3 fields named gym_type__c (picklist), number__c(auto number) and member_type__c(picklist). I am not able to write a formula for the same. I am trying to do it only for gym_type__c first and it is printing the value as 01, 02,03,etc. these values are the corresponding values of the picklist value positioned in the list. The value I used under Set Field Values for the dsf_gym Record is {!$Record.gym_type__c }

Attaching a screenshot of flow I made till now. Any guidance is appreciated. enter image description here

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Try TEXT({!$Record.gym_type__c }) + TEXT(number__c) + TEXT(member_type__c) for your flow text formula to update the Name value.

You might want to make sure the dsf_gym__c object's Record Name is set to the Data Type of Text under Object Manager -> Details.

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