I would like to remove the option to comment on the post made in the Chatter feed. Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do it?

Remove comment from Chatter

  • Is this in experience cloud?
    – prem22
    Commented Feb 25 at 12:09

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By default, all users who are assigned a profile with the feed post editing permissions enabled can edit their posts and comments. If needed, you can disable feed post editing for all users in your organization, regardless of their assigned user profile. You can also shut off post and comment editing for all users assigned the “Can Approve Feed Post and Comment” permission.

  • From Setup, enter Chatter Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Chatter Settings.
  • Click Edit.
  • In the Post and Comment Modification section, deselect the checkbox on Allow users to edit posts and comments. Click Save.
  • If you have assigned the “Can Approve Feed Post and Comment” permission, disable that on the relevant permission sets. “Can Approve Feed Post and Comment” lets assigned users edit and delete any post or comment in any Chatter feed those users have access to. This permission is available under Setup | Permission Sets | Select a permission set | System Permissions.

Check Disable Edit Feed Post for All Users.

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