When using the message context menu in Slack

enter image description here

Result is error Something went wrong. Please contact support

  • We've installed Sales Cloud for Slack app in Slack
  • SFDC user has Sales Cloud for Slack user permission
  • Account and Opportunity records both have Add Link to Slack button
  • User has granted permission for Sales Cloud for Slack to access Salesforce
  • SFDC user can successfully create channels in Slack from SFDC
  • User from within Slack can search SFDC, create records, etc using the Sales Cloud for Slack app

But the Slack context menu on a message Send to Salesforce Sales Cloud for Slack as shown in the image above fails and requests me to contact Support. Not good.

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Well, I did contact Support.

As far as I can tell, the Send to Salesforce (Sales Cloud for Slack) context action is undocumented (or at least I couldn't find it (unlike the one for the Send to Salesforce Service Cloud for Slack)

Turns out that if you don't have chatter enabled on Account or Opportunity, you'll get the error Something went wrong. Please contact support.

  • Our org doesn't use Chatter so to support the Slack context action, I had to enable Chatter (Setup > Feed Tracking) on Account and Opportunity.
  • This gets past the error

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