I'm trying to get Conga Composer to work. I want to generate a mail merge, where, in Conga, the user is given the option of selecting which records are to be merged.

I have a button on a custom object with the following URL:


I have a conga query (a0wm0000000DMNJ) that selects fields from the (detail) custom object, matching the id with pv0:

SELECT MasterCustomObject__r.Field1__c, MasterCustomObject__r.Field2__c, MasterCustomObject__r.Field3__c, Contact__r.Name, Contact__r.MailingCity, Contact__r.MailingCountry, Contact__r.MailingState, Contact__r.MailingPostalCode, Contact__r.MailingStreet FROM DetailCustomObject__c WHERE MasterCustomObject__c={pv0}

It seems like the 'id' GET parameter is not legitimate for "massmerge.appextremes.com...." and it is not finding its way into pv0, I get this on step 2 of Conga Mail Merge:

"INVALID_QUERY_FILTER_OPERATOR: count() FROM DetailCustomObject__c WHERE MasterCustomObject__r.Id = '{pv0}' ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:40 invalid ID field: {pv0}"

So how can I generate a mail merge for specific records? I need a way to inject a parameter something into the query. Hard coding an id (for MasterCustomObject__c) will work.

NB. the query above will work for a point merge, but there's no option to select which records ultimately get merged.

I'm using Conga Composer 7.


The 'id' GET is not supported in Conga Mail Merge. The challenge here is that you should really be using Conga Composer / Conductor for your desired solution, not Conga Mail Merge. Conga Conductor is an option add-on that allows you to construct a merge solution from a List View and then simply select the records you would like to merge against.

Documentation can be found here on how to convert a Composer solution to Conductor and then tie Conductor to a List View: http://knowledge.congasphere.com/congakb/wf/uploadfiles/files/Conga%20Conductor%20(Release%208).pdf

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