I have been working on creating a CICD pipeline with my developer org and github actions. I have done the following:

Connected app created Profile added to connected app with API permissions. User created and added to Profile' Certificate created and added to connected app

I was testing this locally on my workstation but running the following command (without secrets) just runs forever.

SF_LOG_LEVEL=debug sfdx auth:jwt:grant -i <ConsumerKey> -f server.key -o <SalesforceUsername> 

Struggled a little bit with this then went to the usual places for troubleshooting. Dug into the log file in my home directory and saw:

{"level":30,"time":1708192388630,"name":"sf:AuthInfo","msg":"Access token has expired. Updating..."}

followed by:

{"level":30,"time":1708193033710,"name":"sf:AuthInfo","msg":"Saved auth info for username: myUsername"}

If I look at the login history I have the account authenticating multiple times a second if I let the terminal hang.

Really confused by this outcome and could really use a hand understanding where to look next.

Running this on a macos workstation. Using SF CLI v. 2.26.10

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Issue was related to role scope: I needed to add "Perform Requests at any time" to the scope of the app. Wasnt able to refresh the JWT.

Now we are authenticated.

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