I am developing a test Class for a Controller .To have a sufficient test coverage I want to create ArticleTypes (_KAV) via Apex.

Is this possible ,if so then how to accomplish this?


My understanding is that a dedicated sObject will be available for each Article Type. It will follow the format <ArticleType>__kav for the KnowledgeArticleVersion. If your article type was FAQ then you could create a an instance as follows:

FAQ__kav testFaq = new FAQ__kav();
testFaq.Title = 'Test FAQ';
testFaq.Summary = 'KB Summary';
testFaq.URLName = 'test';
insert testFaq;

// Get the KnowledgeArticleId
FAQ__kav insertedTestFaq = [Select KnowledgeArticleId from FAQ__kav where ID = :testFaq.Id];

// Publish
KbManagement.PublishingService.publishArticle(insertedTestFaq.KnowledgeArticleId, true);   

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    I wonder if you will need to run it as a user who has knowledge licenses. Jun 26 '14 at 22:03
  • @DanielHoechst Maybe, I don't know. A System.runAs(user) may be required. The PublishStatus may need to be kept as 'Draft' rather than 'Online'. There aren't many examples of testing article types online that I can find. Jun 26 '14 at 22:10

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