our org use a managed package PCK1. This package has the following class:

global class Parent {
    global class Child {
        global string field1;
        global string field2;
        global string field3;

We serialize the object as json like below:

PCK1.Parent.Child obj = new PCK1.Parent.Child();
obj.field1 = 'test 1';
obj.field2 = 'test 2';
obj.field3 = 'test 3';


This code works fine when PCK1.Parent class is using API>59 otherwise we got the following error: Type cannot be serialized

I tried to check API changelogs/update but nothing special related to this issue.

Anyone has an idea about this ? Thx

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This almost certainly relates to the @JsonAccess annotation and the release updates related to it (e.g. this one).

This annotation enables or disables use of JSON serialization for managed package classes outside the package.

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