I am trying to change the tel: and mailTo: links from the Salesforce contact page to some other behavior with onClick using aura lightning component. The expected behavior might be click on the phone link and the item from the utility bar will be opened.

Currently, the default behavior for mailTo will open up the email application like Mail from Mac. The default behavior for tel opens up the Facetime. However, we want to have different behavior when users click on those links.

I think DOM manipulation with script is achievable, but we would like to do it with aura lightning component.

The links are highlighted in the attached image

enter image description here

Any help is appreciated.

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Telephone and email links are mostly controlled by the operating system, not the code in a page. For example, changing the default email client in a computer's operating system will change which app opens when you click on an email link. There are a few special exceptions in Salesforce, such as using Gmail or enabling Salesforce Dialer, but these solutions all require that some operating system configuration is set up on each computer.

  • Sorry, wasn't clear on the question. What I meant was to not use tel: but to have an onClick on that link that does something else, for example, clicking on the phone number link opens up an item from the utility bar.
    – Liu Hantao
    Commented Jan 25 at 10:04

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