I want the radio button first and the label to the right of the radio button

here is my code

    <td width="150px" class="uiLabel-right form-element__label uiLabel">
        <ui:inputradio name="DistListSelectId" text="{!v.distributionListOptions.name}"
                       value="{!selRecs.isListSelected}" label="{!selRecs.displayName}" change="{!c.captureValue}" /></td>
       <!-- <ui:outputText value="{!selRecs.displayName}" aura:id="radioResult"/>--></td>

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ui:inputRadio has been deprecated since May 1st, 2021, and should not be used. Instead, use lightning:radioGroup, which has the radio options to the left of the labels by default. Otherwise, if you want more control over the UI, just use a plain radio input.

<input type="radio" id="someId" name="DistListSelectId" 
  checked="{!selRecs.isListSelected}" onchange="{!c.captureValue}" />
<label for="someId">

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