Does anyone know practical application or a sample code for DMLOptions --localeoptions

Documentation says:

localeOptions Property
The localeOptions property specifies the language of any labels that are returned by Apex. The value must be a valid user locale (language and country), such as de_DE or en_GB. The value is a String, 2-5 characters long. The first two characters are always an ISO language code, for example 'fr' or 'en.' If the value is further qualified by a country, then the string also has an underscore (_) and another ISO country code, for example 'US' or 'UK.' For example, the string for the United States is 'en_US', and the string for French Canadian is 'fr_CA.'

But i couldn't make it work with sample code below,I expected to see record in database in German below..May be i got the purpose of this all together wrong.please guide

Account a = new account(name=System.Label.label1);
database.dmloptions d = new database.dmloptions();
d.localeoptions ='de_DE';


I think your interpretation is not correct. It just change the labels you see on page. It will not do any translation of data.

More accurate example would be like this:

Notice that the labels are translated.

public void localeOptionsExample() {
try {


  } catch (ConnectionException ce) {


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