I want to add a CRM Analytics Dashboard to a Home tab in Salesforce so users without CRM Analytics license can have view it, but was wondering if this is possible, or is it necessary to buy a separate license for each sure so is there a view-only permission?

I was trying by adding the "Analytics View Only Embedded App" Permission Set License to the user and then added the CRM Dashboard component to a home page in Lightning app builder. It did display, and I see the loading screen but it ends up saying “Dashboard not found…”

Could someone please help me to find if I'm in the right track or if this is not possible at all?

**If I assign myself a CRM Analytics Plus license the component displays correctly

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Has your issue been resolved? I'm facing the same error message here. I've assigned the Permission Set License "Analytics View Only Embedded App" and Permission Set "Analytics View Only User". All our embedded analytics dashboards are stored in Apps that entire orgnisation has view access. Still, it's showing Dashboard not found error message to me.
    – Lindsay
    Commented May 15 at 4:48

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The App containing this dashboard and datasets etc has not been shared with the user. Verify that the user has access to the App. The user should be able to view the dashboard once given access.


I did more digging. It seems the Analytics View Only Embedded App permission set license only allow users to see the "Engagement History Dashboard" component on Campaign pages.

If you add a "CRM Analytics Dashboard" component onto the App page, the Analytics View Only users won't be able to see it.


I am afraid this is not as simple as hoped. The "Analytics View Only Embedded App" licences are intended to be used by partners/ISVs who have included in their package a specific type of CRMA Template and auto-installed a CRMA App from it. Only dashboards within that type of App will be viewable by the freemium licences.

It's all super convoluted, I am afraid, and none of this can be done via the UI: you need quite a bit of experience with the backend tooling (VS Code and the Salesforce extensions, etc). The best detailed reference I can share is this (just to give you an idea of the complexity of this all): https://medium.com/inside-the-salesforce-ecosystem/tableau-crm-packaging-isvs-559c4220efaf

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