We are making REST API call to execute and get SOQL query results from a Salesforce org through batch class which is failing with the error message EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT: Aggregate query does not support queryMore(), use LIMIT to restrict the results to a single batch.

Eg : select DAY_ONLY(CreatedDate) CreatedDate, DAY_ONLY(LastModifiedDate) LastModifiedDate, DAY_ONLY(Request_Date__c) RequestDate, Status__c, Country_ISO_Code_ims__c, COUNT(Id) totalCount from Validation_Request__c group by DAY_ONLY(CreatedDate), DAY_ONLY(LastModifiedDate), DAY_ONLY(Request_Date__c), Status_ims__c, Country_ISO_Code__c

Issue persists even after trying below

Please let us know the workarounds to resolve the issue.



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